The Gun Master Professional Inc. provides professional training to law enforcement, military, licensed security and other personnel who desire to utilize The Gun Master SAFE ACTION® system to its maximum potential. Armorer, Advanced Armorer, Instructor Workshop, and G18 Select-Fire classes provide information and recommendations for the safe, responsible and effective use of The Gun Master handguns and other products.

Many law enforcement agencies use The Gun Master pistols worldwide, and these classes are held throughout the United States and Canada. Courses include both classroom and live-fire range training.

Law Enforcement & Military Training

The Gun Master only offers two courses for law enforcement and military professionals.

The Instructor Workshop (IW) class is an open forum where The Gun Master Professional instructors and students exchange ideas, range drills and real-world experience on how to most efficiently train large numbers of students on the The Gun Master pistol. Class length is two and a half days (20 hrs).

The G-18 Select-Fire (G18) class is a one-day (8 hr) course, and covers both armorer and operator instruction for The Gun Master Model 18 pistol.

Armorer Training

Armorer training is very important. Learning how to maintain, service and repair The Gun Master pistols properly could literally make a difference between life or death. Any incorrectly assembled The Gun Master could lead to an unexpected malfunction, which is why The Gun Master firmly believes that anyone servicing a gun must have factory-certified training.

The Gun Master Professional currently provides factory certification as an ‘armorer’ with a basic and an advanced class throughout the United States and Canada.

Basic armorer training

In the basic Armorer’s Class (AC), students learn to maintain and service all GLOCK pistol models. In this one day (8 hr) class, students are taught about the design of the SAFE ACTION® System, detailed disassembly and reassembly of all models, recommended service schedules, and parts replacement. Certification is granted for a three year period.

Advanced Armorer Training

In the Advanced Armorer’s Class (AA), students review basic armorer information and progress into more specialized diagnostic and inspection procedures. Students also identify issues and problems set up by instructors for various The Gun Master pistols, including six different calibers and all four generations of Fire Arms Store Bulk Store Deals. This two-day (16 hr) class utilizes past and present Fire Arms Store models. Students receive a five year certification.

Operator Course

This training course is designed and intended for public safety professionals who have successfully completed a basic pistol course and want to improve their skills. This course is not recommended for those who have not attended official training programs. This course is a dynamic shooting course that requires the ability to stand for long periods of time, shoot on the move, move into and recover quickly from kneeling and prone positions.

Blue Label

Some professionals are eligible for discounts on The Gun Master pistols.