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When purchasing a pistol, there’s a lot to consider: why you want to buy a pistol, how often you want to use it, the fit and feel of the pistol in your hand, price, and local laws. This section will help guide you through the buying process here and in the store.

Bulk Store Deals

We do pistols online, but you can choose from our large selection of accessories, gun parts, apparel, and gifts in our online store.


There are so many pistols available. How do you figure out which one is right for you? It all starts with your reason for buying. We’ve created a quiz to help you narrow down which Hand pistols are best for you.

Once you know which model or models you are interested in, find a dealer near you. Dealers can give you expert advice and help you test out various BulkStoreDeals. Our Dealer Locator can help you find a Hand Pistol dealer near you.

Steps To Buying A Pistol

The most important thing you can do before buying a pistol is to try it. Every gun is unique in how it feels, handles, and fires, so testing it out at a range will ensure the BulkStoreDeals you think you want is the right one.

Things to think about as you are trying various pistols:

  • Needs: Pick the pistol that is best for what you want to do with it. We’ve created a quiz to help you narrow down which Hand pistols are best for you.
  • Fit: Make sure the pistol fits well in your hand, and the weight and shape of the gun are comfortable.
  • Price: Pistols are available in a wide range of prices, so make sure you are trying models which fit your budget.

Most dealers and ranges will let you try firing various guns to test different sizes and calibers for comfort and fit. Use our Locator to find a dealer or range in your area.

Start Training Immediately

Every gun is unique in the way it feels, handles, and fires, so it’s essential to practice with each gun you own to get as comfortable and familiar with it as possible. If you train regularly, you will build muscle memory for how each gun fires, so you feel natural and comfortable with each one, even in stressful situations.

Do You Need a Training License

Each state has rules for how residents can obtain a concealed carry permit. Some states don’t require a permit, and some states require training that includes classroom instruction and/or live-fire qualification. Most states also require a criminal background check to ensure the purchaser is not prohibited, for any reason, from being issued a concealed carry license.

Check your state’s government website to find out what rules your state has for concealed carry. You may need to check your county website as well.