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What are the Glocks used for?

Guns made by Glocks are also widely used by civilians for home defense, competition shooting, and open or concealed carry.

Why are guns called Glocks?

Gaston Glock, the owner of a company that made curtain rods, invented the Glock in 1982. Glock opted to create a brand-new pistol from scratch since they wanted to avoid the handguns that were already on the market. Before beginning, he consulted gun specialists in his native Austria to learn how to make a handgun more contemporary.

What is a type of Glock?

There are various Glocks models. Even though its somewhat smaller brother, the compact-sized Glock 19 (see below), has evolved over the past few decades into the brand’s consistent best-selling model, the Glock 17, pink Glock 23, pink Glock 26, pink Glock 43, and Glock 19X remain among the most popular models for the company.