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22-250 Ammo(22-250 Ballistics) Online

With a popular bolt-action load, hunters know they can trust 22-250 Ammo(22-250 Ballistics) for most varmint and medium-sized North American game. Let’s explore what the caliber can do with an in-depth look at 22-250 ballistics.

What is the ballistics of a 22-250?

A 55-grain bullet in your typical 22-250 ammo has a muzzle velocity of 3,680 fps; a 50-grain bullet reaches 4,000 fps; and a 36-grain bullet approaches Mach 4 at 4,250 fps. The Hornady Superformance load, which has a maximum velocity of 4,450 fps, makes the 22-250 the fastest factory-loaded cartridge available today.

What distance is a 22-250 good for?

The majority of . 22-250 loads adhere to this pattern. The cartridge has a 300–400 fps advantage at the muzzle, although this advantage diminishes around 500 yards. However, that muzzle velocity pays off within 300 yards.